Are you dreaming of work above skies? If customer service and passenger care are in your nature, and the international work community sounds inviting, this could be the job you’ve been looking for. As a Cabin Crew Member you take care of passenger safety and wellbeing during flights.

Cabin Crew Training

Training consists of Initial Cabin Crew Training, which is based on aviation regulations. The training concludes first aid skills, fire extinguishing skills and preparedness for different scenarious. The course provides you information about everyday practices as a cabin crew member as well as job safety and security.

In addition, the course provides airline-specific training. Duration is approximately five weeks, and after that you will have training flights before you become a full crew member. On top of the basic course, skills are supplemented annually with safety and service training.

Working in aviation requires passing both the course and medical examinations by aeromedical examiners. After you’ve been working for a few years you have the opportunity to become a purser or a trainer.

Requirements for Cabin Crew

Before the training can start you need to pass medical examinations by aeromedical examiners, drug testing being a part of it.

This role requires a clear background, and security clearance will be performed on all selected candidates both in Finland and possibly in the airline’s base country. For the process you must be able to provide your history from the past 5 years without gaps. Many airlines require previous experience in customer service.

Other requirements:

  • Height, usually around 160 cm depending on the airline
  • Good physical and mental fitness
  • Swimming skills
  • Fluency in English, any additional language skills are an advantage

Cabin crew work: Safety first

Safety during every step of the flight is Cabin crew’s top priority. In addition, you play a key role in ensuring a pleasant flight experience for passengers. Before flight, the flight crew will gather for a briefing to walk-through the aircraft’s safety, passenger volume and profiles. Before take-off the crew will ensure that safety gear is in place, and welcome passengers and perform the safety demonstration, among other tasks. 

Special situations may take place during flights, i.e., medical cases, and cabin crew must be prepared to perform in these situations. As a crew member you represent the airline. The purser acts as foreperson during flights.

Serving customers at the sky

During flight the cabin crew serves passengers with complimentary and purchasable food and drinks. The working team changes almost every day, so it is important that you are a good team player. You are passionate about good customer service and approach customer service situations with a positive attitude, without losing your smile in difficult situations.

International working environment requires you to have situational awareness as well as adaptation to occasional hecticness. Working as a cabin crew member involves the ability to absorb and follow instructions in a variety of situations, where the ability to cope with pressure is also important. 

cabin crew working hours

As the working hours are irregular and take place at all times during the year, this element should be adaptable to your free time. Sometimes you work on on-call service, where you are prepared to go to a flight on a short notice. Some work trips are overnight stays, and therefore are also an opportunity to get to know the location and its culture.

The nature of the cabin crew job requires you to have a passport that is valid at least for the next 6 months and provides a visa-free entry to destinations. If a destination requires a visa from Cabin crew, the airline will help with applications. And of course, you have an opportunity to wish for days off for your important life events.


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