Our journey towards a more sustainable destination

We produce services for various aviation operators and are a subsidiary of Finavia Group. We offer zero-emission ground handling operations to our airline customers in 11 airports across Finland.


Environmental impact: 
Towards zero emissions

We are a pioneer in zero-emission ground handling, investing millions of euros in zero-emission ground handling equipment with a goal-driven approach.

Our environmental efforts


Social impact: 
Skilled and committed staff

We employed on average 1,300 people in 2022, with approximately 60% of this total employed at Helsinki Airport. We are proud of our 50/50 gender ratio.

Our social impact efforts


Governance policies: 
Compliance comes first

The purpose of this report is to present key ESG data to our stakeholders aligned with our strategy and values.

Our governance policies efforts

CEO's insight

Highlighting our sustainable actions

We are happy and proud to present our first sustainability report, documenting and highlighting our work. The report serves as a crucial tool for communicating with our employees and the job market. It is also targeted at our customers, airlines and other service purchasers.


We are pioneers in advancing sustainability within the ground handling and aviation industry. Since 2015, we have been investing in emission-free equipment, well ahead of our competitors. We take care of our employees, and our administration works fairly and has sustainable management methods.

Customer benefits

Our vision is to provide both customers and employees with a more sustainable option. We strive to be part of a sustainable travel chain, supporting our customers in reducing the environmental impact of travel and promoting social responsibility.

Openness all the way

We believe that our customers will value our transparency and commitment to responsible practices. Simultaneously, we seek to ensure the support of our stakeholders. The report also helps us evaluate the sustainability of our own service package. Moreover, we hope this report will bring added value for our partners.

Sampo Paukkeri, CEO, Airpro