Going to Lapland for Business or pleasure?

Airpro Premium is a concept for private jets and special charter flights in Lapland airports – essentially a private jet VIP service. We guarantee smooth, safe and enjoyable service for business flights and private planes in arctic circumstances.

All the services by one call

We serve with 30 years of experience in ground handling at arctic circumstances and with ISAGO-safety certification. We provide private jet VIP services, from customs declarations to catering


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Your journey is our destination

Nestled amidst the pristine landscapes of Finnish Lapland lies a world of enchantment waiting to be discovered. Northern Lights in the Arctic skies, untouched wilderness and snowy landscape: this remote region offers an unparalleled natural beauty.

Elevate your journey by letting us take care of you at the airport. From the moment you touch down in Finnish Lapland, our dedicated team will be at your service from ground handling and customs declarations to catering – you can leave it all to us. We provide seamless arrival and departure experience for your private jet.

kittilä airport

Kittilä has excellent connections to many of Lapland’s major tourist destinations. The airport serves passengers from all over Finland and the world travelling to ski resorts in the north.

ivalo airport

The airport hosts both domestic and international tourists that are on their way to different parts of the Northern Lapland. Ivalo Airport is the Northernmost Airport in Finland.

rovaniemi airport

Rovaniemi is one of the largest towns in Lapland and Santa's home town. In addition, Rovaniemi Airport is Santa Claus’ official airport!