Towards zero emissions

We are driven to minimize our environmental impact through our actions. We invest in zero-emission equipment, reduce the use of de-icing chemicals and recycle our workwear.

Our environmental focus areas in 2022:

  • Zero emission equipment
  • Using less chemicals
  • Sustainable de-icing
  • Waste recycling

Main environmental figures

Electrification of ground handling

We are leading the way in the ground handling industry by investing decisively in zero-emission technology. 70% of our Ground Handling Service Equipment at Helsinki Airport is powered by electricity.

Airpro operates within the facilities of Finavia, therefore the power/water/heat data have not been accounted for separately. We report our vehicle emissions. ‘My’-prefixed diesel fuels are made from renewable sources, waste, and residues. They can be compared to regular diesel fuels usage.

Airpro also operated on Enontekiö Airport on Winter Season 2022. Enontekiö Airport is owned by municipality of Enontekiö. Our goal is to develop our sustainability management and reporting tools. On the years to come we will be able to provide information of our total emissions on a larger scale and to measure our positive impact on the environment and people.

Emissions from fleet of vehicles and machines: Carbon dioxide emissions are calculated based on the consumption of different fuels.

Zero emission equipment

We are the world’s first ground handling operator to have invested in zero-emission equipment for a long time with a goal-driven approach.

Going electric

In 2022, Airpro purchased four new electric de-icing vehicles to complement its zero-emission fleet. The electrification of ground handling equipment and charging the vehicles using renewable sources is the optimal way to reduce the emissions generated by ground handling operations.

Making a difference

By using electric ground handling service equipment on a turnaround approx. 173 kg CO2 is saved. The same amount of emissions is caused by one person on a flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen. We operate on 400 turnarounds in Helsinki-Vantaa within just one week. 

Single electric turnaround in numbers


CO2 savings: 173 kg CO2


Equivalent to one person flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen.


Turnarounds we operate in Helsinki-Vantaa per week.

Using less chemicals

Airpro is pioneering in reduction of pure propylene glycol consumption in de-icing mixers, leading to signifigantly lower environmental burden.

Reduced consumption

On the winter season 2022-23 96% of Airpro’s de-icing operations were performed with mixed Type I fluid. Thanks to this, the consumption of environmental burdening pure propylene glycol has been significantly lower.


In order to reduce the environmental load even further, Airpro has acquired a double-mix feature for its emission friendly e-Beta de-icing units in Helsinki airport. The feature allows not only mixing Type I, but also mixing of Type IV fluid.

Future plans

At the same time, Airpro is surveying the possibility of starting to use mixed Type IV fluid also at regional airports. With this and future investments in de-icing equipment, Airpro will reduce the amount of pure propylene glycol used by dozens of tons per year.

Waste recycling

We have a privilege to be part of the latest innovations of the textile circular economy by recycling our worn-out uniforms.

Clothe's new life

We recycle end-of-life clothing and some of the clothes used in ramp units into a new textile fibre. Approximately 900 people use our workwear.

Circular solutions

Our workwear processes are part of the circular economy and our partner and workwear supplier is Touchpoint. Our worn out workwear is now recycled into textile fiber at Northern Europe’s first circular economy plant for end-of-life textiles.

Recycled uniforms in numbers


Textile waste: 970 kg


CO2 savings: 970 kg CO2


Water saved 509,250 litres

In 2022, we delivered 970 kg of textile waste to a closed loop. By avoiding the burning of textile waste along with mixed waste we were able to reduce emissions 970 kg CO2. Water consumption was reduced by 509,250 litres by using recycled textiles instead of the corresponding amount of virgin cotton.

Sustainable de-icing

Children's handprint

We have made Helsinki Airport the first airport in the Nordics to offer more sustainable de-icing by investing in four emission-free de-icing trucks. These electric cars are illustrated with children’s drawings to clearly stand out from other ground handling service equipment to raise awareness for greener aviation.

Cars as canvas

Airpro had 40 kids as guests from pre-school on Friday, November 11th 2022 just before the Children’s Rights Week. The children took a tour at Helsinki Airport and saw their illustrations on Airpro’s de-icing trucks for the first time. They got to experience what it feels like to sit in the de-icing car and see how the cars were used. The children drew their vision of environmentally friendly aviation for Airpro and used Airpro’s four new de-icing cars as their canvas. 


Our top commitments for 2023



of our equipment nationwide to run on MyDiesel by changing the heating units.


2,5 litres

reduction of MyDiesel consumption per de-icing operation.



reusing old workwear stock instead of just recycling.