Compliance comes first

We are not happy with simply complying with all the regulations governing our business. We want to do more than just what is required. We want to do better.

Our governance focus areas 2022:

  • Policies and guidelines
  • Career opportunities

Our reporting, policies, audits & programs

We are committed to Finavia’s Ethical Principles. We maintain an open reporting culture that supports proactive intervention to address issues that jeopardise occupational safety. We have a Whistleblowing-channel.

Openness is key

We maintain an open reporting culture and intervene proactively in situations that endanger occupational safety. We monitor reporting activity and make corrective actions in communication when necessary. Encouraging communication runs throughout the organization.


Our ethical principles are:

  • We follow the law
  • We do not accept bribery or corruption
  • We avoid conflicts of interest
  • We operate safely
  • We look after property and information
  • We are transparent in our communications
  • We respect each other and our partners
  • We take responsibility for the environment
  • We procure responsibly
  • We follow the principles in our day-to-day work
  • We listen to concerns and report violations

Career opportunities

Smooth career paths

As a major employer across Finland, we provide in-house training as well as dynamic career paths. Starting from entry-level positions with no educational requirements to higher-level jobs, we offer multiple roles on all levels and versatile contracts in our nation-wide network.

Boost to Lapland

Winter is our high season and therefore we recruited approximately 100 new colleagues across our airports in the Northern Finland. Airpro is a major employer in Lapland, especially in more remote areas.

Great feedback

Tight-knit work community and free-time activities opportunities have lured people from across Finland to join us. At the end of the season some have changed locations or positions within Airpro, and many return next winter.



International recognition


We have been an ISAGO-registered ground service provider since 2015. IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) is the standardized and structured audit program of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for ground service providers (GSP). ISAGO utilizes internationally recognized ground service standards and recommended practices and works towards improving the safety of ground handling services and enhanced understanding of high risk areas within ground operations. It also offers a uniform set of auditing processes and standards.

Renewed registration

Airpro renewed its ISAGO-registration in the spring of 2017. The headquarters audit focused on the Organization & Management System and making sure that the ground handling functions are performed in conformity with latest industry operational practices. Helsinki station audit involved station management system, passenger and baggage handling, load control, aircraft handling & loading, and aircraft ground movement.

Among first in the Nordics

As a result, Airpro continues among the first ISAGO-registered Ground Service Providers in the Nordic countries, in conformity with ISAGO-standards and recommended practices.

Our top commitments for 2023



ISAGO certification renewal.



ESG management and reporting tools development.



multiligual training boosting.