Airpro's Responsibility Report 2023 has been published


The information about Airpro's environmental emissions and savings, as well as social responsibility and governance policies from 2023 have been compiled and the report is available on Airpro's website. Read the full report or get to know the highlights of our Responsibility Report 2023.

The pearl of the report: halving our emissions

Airpro and Finavia are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. Airpro's goal is to reach net zero emissions in 2025, and in 2023 we reached significant emission reductions: At the end of November 2023, we switched to renewable motor fuel oil at Neste's fuel stations at Helsinki Airport, which halved our emissions!

Our CO2 emissions mainly arise from the energy consumption. We are the first company in the Nordics to invest in zero-emission technology. 70% of our ground handling service equipment at Helsinki Airport is powered by electricity.

Find out more in our ESG-report

In addition to environmental issues, the report also covers our social impact and governance policies. In 2023, Airpro employed around 1300 people. For this year, we aim to improve our eNPS job satisfaction score and our accident frequency rate.

Our ESG report provides interesting information to our employees, airlines, other customers and our partners.


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