Customer survey results reveal Airpro’s professionalism in service attitude


Airpro's airline customers' satisfaction with ground handling services has been surveyed in late autumn 2023. The survey was divided in two parts: a survey interview with airline customer decision-makers and an online survey with operational contacts. In total, 51 different airline representatives completed the survey.  


Building partnerships and professionalism is praised  

Airpro's commitment to transparency and willingness to build long-term partnerships has been recognised and we are praised for being genuine listeners and having a positive attitude. Airpro's employees are seen as skilled professionals by customers, and airlines operating to Lapland airports praise our operational professionalism in challenging and unique circumstances. The results also highlight the satisfaction of our customer airlines' representatives with Airpro's environmental work.  


Room for improvement in improving the customer experience  

In the coming years, we want to focus even more on improving customer understanding. Covid distracted operational performance as air traffic was recovering, which affected customer satisfaction. However, regular status updates during that period were highly appreciated by customers.   

As the situation has levelled off, the increased operational certainty allows us to focus on improving the customer experience in all aspects of ground handling. The Ground Handling Customer Survey 2023 will bring us closer to our strategic vision: to be the best service provider in the Nordic countries.   

Thank you to all our partners who responded to the survey! 


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