Airpro invests in electric deicers – first in the Nordics


Airpro has made a significant investment in electric deicers to be used at Helsinki Airport. Greener aviation is the future and Airpro is dedicated to being a part of this journey as a forerunner in green ground handling.

Airpro has made a significant decision to place an order with Denmark-based market leader Vestergaard Company for four Elephant e-BETA deicers to be delivered for next winter season. With this 4M€ investment, Airpro continues its journey of being the forerunner in greener ground handling in Finland.

Airpro is committed to helping its customer airlines to meet their goals of reducing CO2. With this strategic decision, Airpro is the first ground handling company in Finland to be able to offer electric de-icing services. It also makes Helsinki Airport the first airport in the Nordics and fourth in the world to have electric deicers.

This investment emphasizes our dedication to creating high-quality green ground handling for our customers. There would have been more affordable diesel units in the market, but even in these challenging times in our industry, we want to continue according to our fleet strategy and focus on energy and emission efficiency in all our GSE. Elephant e-BETA deicers with its new technology answers our needs perfectly”, says Acting Managing Director Joona Hurmerinta from Airpro.

The electricity used by Helsinki Airport is mostly produced via wind energy, with some solar power in the mix. The deicers as well as Airpros other electric GSE are charged with renewable energy which optimizes their low effect on the climate warming.

Vestergaard Elephant e-BETA deicer is unique in the GSE industry. After final testing last year, equipment with the latest technology is now in use in a few locations globally. For Airpro the sustainability issues and approach of Vestergaard Company played an important role.

We are thrilled about Airpro’s desire to provide electric ground handling solutions to their customers. The new Elephant e-BETA technology reduces greenhouse gasses and sound emissions and creates better working conditions for the personnel, which has always been an important value for us in Vestergaard. One of the things we share with Airpro.”, says Sales & Marketing Vice President Lars Barsøe from Vestergaard Company. 


In the picture you can see a visualization of the new deicers. The actual ones are in the making.

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