Airpro workwear recycled in closed-loop processe


Sustainability is one of the themes of our new Airpro 2025 strategy and we are happy to announce that our workwear processes are part of the circular economy. Our partner and workwear supplier is Touchpoint, a pioneer of sustainable workwear in Finland. Our worn out workwear is now recycled into textile fiber at Northern Europe's first circular economy plant for end-of-life textiles.


The garment may be worn out while it’s textile fiber could still serve. Most of our workwear waste has already been processed into a composite material utilized for example in the production of outdoor furniture.

 Once at the end of their life cycle as uniforms or ground handling workwear we now recycle the clothes at Rester. Rester is the the first plant in northern Europe to open end-of-life textiles on a large scale to turn them into recycled fibre.

The circular economy plant located in Paimio is a subsidiary of our workwear supplier Touchpoint. The closed-loop of textiles is revolutionary and a major environmental act, as currently textile waste usually ends up in landfills or burned – despite the fact that textiles are a valuable raw material that can be reused as fibre.

We are delighted to be part of a new textile innovation and circular economy!

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