New company Airpro Academy Oy offers versatile training services for the aviation industry


Airpro Group's new training service company Airpro Academy Oy offers a wide range of aviation training to various parties. The operators of the new company have decades of experience of training in aviation and security in the airport environment.

The Airpro Group's training operations have been incorporated as Airpro Academy Oy since the beginning of 2021. The new training center will provide training services and coaching on a large-scale, especially for the personnel of the Airpro Group but also for external partners.

Extensive offer of the airport security training, which was transferred from Finavia to Airpro in the beginning of the year 2021, is included in the range of training and coaching services. This year Airpro Academy Oy will produce career coaching and later on coaching for supervisors.

“Keeping our employees’ qualifications up to date as well as continuous training in aviation and airport security are in the core of Airpro Group. Last autumn, we invested in the development of our training and coaching courses. As a result, our training operations were incorporated into Airpro Academy Oy at the beginning of this year”, says Kaisa Kauppinen, Head of HR & Training at Airpro.

The new company is a subsidiary of Airpro Oy and owned by it. The CEO of Airpro Academy Oy, like other Airpro companies, is Janne Hattula. In the initial phase, the new training center is operated by a team of four.

“Incorporating our training services will enable us to clarify and develop them more systematically and dynamically, and in the future, to offer training and coaching services to parties outside our organization more easily and flexibly. The establishment of the Airpro Academy brings light to the future in these difficult times”, says Kauppinen.

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