Sampo Paukkeri appointed Managing Director of Airpro


Sampo Paukkeri (MBA) has been appointed Airpro's new Managing Director. Paukkeri has extensive experience in the aviation industry. Most recently he worked at Finnair, managing the Inflight Experience. Paukkeri will take over as Managing Director of Airpro on September 1, 2022.

Sampo Paukkeri has over 17 years of experience in the aviation industry in both managing personnel and business and international education in aviation management.

“Paukkeri's background in the airline industry as well as his diverse management experience support Airpro's business objectives and strategy. The strategy published at the end of 2021 focus on developing customer experience and employee experience. I believe that under Paukkeri's leadership, Airpro will become increasingly customer-oriented and competitive”, says Kimmo Mäki, Chairman of the Board of Airpro.

“Airpro has a uniquely comprehensive range of services for both air passengers and air traffic. For almost three decades, Airpro has been providing agile solutions for air traffic around the Finnish airport network. Airpro is a reliable and competitive partner for customers, and it is an honor to pilot Airpro”, says Sampo Paukkeri, the future CEO.

Paukkeri will take up the position of CEO on September 1, 2022.

Photo: Finnair

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