Security Officers at Helsinki Airport as a source of information in a research on shift work


Airpro takes part in research collaboration with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the pension insurance company Ilmarinen. Airpro’s 350 Security Officers who work 24/7 at Helsinki Airport form a research group to be interviewed to identify factors that promote and threaten work ability in shift work.


One in four women and one in five men in Finland work in shifts. In addition, one in seven employees works regularly at night. At Airpro working in all hours is familiar as well working in rush hours of Helsinki Airport instead of the work being available in a steady stream throughout the day and night.


How shift work feels affects the employee experience. It’s inspiring for us to participate to the research since the positive employee experience is an important goal of Airpro 2025 strategy. A survey, group interviews and working time register data is used to find out what factors affect on well-being at shift work. Gathered information will be used in workshops to plan measures to promote the work ability of Airpro’s Security Officers.


The information provided by Security Officers of Helsinki Airport has an important role in Finnish Society. The outcome of the research will be open to be used by any workplace employing shift workers to support their well-being.

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