The Results of Airpro’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Indicate Strong Partnerships and Successful Changes


Airpro recently studied the level of satisfaction with operations and services among its corporate customers. According to the results, customers are particularly satisfied with Airpro’s operational services and strong partnership. The respondents also felt that Airpro has undergone a major positive change in recent years.

The customer satisfaction survey was carried out in late autumn 2017. It was targeted at decision-makers and people working on the operational level within Airpro’s corporate customers. The results reveal that Airpro’s customers are particularly satisfied with the quality of operations and a customer-focused approach. In addition, Airpro was regarded as a strong partner.

“Overall, the results were encouraging. Airpro is perceived as a reliable company that offers a combination of strong operations in terms of processes, network of airports and a dynamic approach to growth and development. The strategy review and brand renewal projects that we started in 2015 are perceived as successful and positive aspects. Airpro is regarded as a high-quality, efficient operator that is internationally competitive,” says Mikko Turpeinen, Head of Business Development & Sales at Airpro.

“The development needs arising from the survey are related to the customer experience and the related communications. Customer understanding will remain the focus of our operations, and we will continue to invest in the development of the customer experience,” says Turpeinen.

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