Your journey is our destination – Our new strategy is published


Despite the Covid 19 that seems to never end our mindset is already in building the Airpro of the future – Airpro 2025. In our new strategy, we are concentrating on developing the industry with our customers, stakeholders and with our constantly evolving personnel. Enjoy our travel plans, here is our story!  

Your journey. Our destination. 

They say the journey is the destination. For us, it is true. We are not here to compete with sunny beaches, exciting new cultures, dramatic mountains, nor the feeling when connecting with loved ones.   

We are here to make the whole experience of traveling as safe, smooth, and enjoyable as we possibly can. Together with you, we want to make the journey connect seamlessly with your destination, whichever that might be. 

We do this by creating and delivering efficient, innovative, high-quality services for the travel- and security industry. That sounded like a mouthful. It is but let us elaborate on this. 

We work hard to make the experience of traveling as smooth as possible. We do this by continually designing and testing new services, and by providing our customers with new, agile ways to serve their customers. By using modern technology, we can automate things for you; we can remove some of the steps that you might not enjoy so much, making it simpler and faster. And we do this in ways that do as little harm for the environment as possible, and by fostering a diverse, multicultural workforce. 

Our vision, our destination, is to be the best service provider in The Nordics. And we will let you be the judge of that. Your journey is our destination.  

But what does it mean in reality? 

What if all luggage-handling and all ground operations were emission-free? We are the first on it. Already now 70% our ground handling equipment run in electricity: We are already the most sustainable company within our industry in the whole world and we are not stopping here. 

What if, for example, passengers could check in their luggage already as they get on the train to the airport, avoiding the hassle and long queues? We are experimenting and testing. 

And, behind it all, what makes this all possible are our people. We work tirelessly to create a diverse, multicultural workforce and culture that fosters equality and progress for everyone. We want all our people to learn, grow, and pursue new opportunities. As you will discover, our colleagues will serve you with pride, living our core values of Service, Action, and Attitude. 

The bottom line is, we are constantly pushing for progress. We are driven by the desire to make the experience of traveling more enjoyable, while also caring for the environment, and creating better work conditions and opportunities for peoples. For us, the journey isn’t just air travel; it’s so much more. It’s about creating a career. It’s about developing aviation together with our partners, always developing new ideas, testing, and implement them for new learnings and needle-moving results.  

Our vision, our destination, is to be the best service provider in The Nordics. And we will let you be the judge of that. 

Your journey is our destination. Our vision is to be the best service provider of The Nordics. When we make the journey of working with us smooth and enjoyable, and when passengers enjoy their journey, we have succeeded together.  

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