Children drew on de-icing cars to promote more environmentally friendly aviation


Airpro has made Helsinki Airport the first airport in the Nordics to offer greener de-icing by investing in four emission-free de-icing trucks. These electric cars are illustrated with children's drawings to clearly stand out from other ground handling service equipment to raise awareness for greener aviation.

"In addition to enable greener ground handling we also want to raise awareness of the greener solutions in the aviation industry. We want to keep the conversation going about how we can each do our part and especially what we can do together to take green steps forward more intensively," says Hanni Marin, Airpro's development and communications Director.

By using electric ground handling service equipment on a turnaround approx. 173 kg of Co2 is saved. The same amount of emissions is caused by one person on a flight from Helsinki to Enontekiö, Lapland. Airpro operates on 400 turnarounds in Helsinki-Vantaa within just one week. Most of the passengers on these flights start their journey emission-free.

Airpro had 40 kids as guests from pre-school on Friday, November 11th 2022 just before the Children's Rights Week. The children took a tour at Helsinki Airport and saw their illustrations on Airpro´s deicing trucks for the first time. They got to experience what it feels like to sit in the de-icing car and see how the cars were used.

The children drew their vision of environmentally friendly aviation for Airpro and used Airpro’s four new de-icing cars as their canvas.  You can participate on the discussion about a faster transition to greener aviation on social media by using the hashtag #greenergeneration.

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