De-Icing Trucks to Raise Awareness of Greener Aviation


Airpro’s new electric de-icing cars are telling a green story. Airpro made Helsinki Airport the first airport in the Nordic countries to offer greener de-icing.

Last spring we made again a significant investment to enable greener ground handling for our airline customers. We bought four new generation de-icing trucks from Vestergaad Company, a pioneer of the field. At Airpro, sustainable development and minimization of emissions are the core values of our equipment procurement. These new electric de-icing trucks are a significant part of this strategy.

The first de-icing car has now arrived to Helsinki Airport and it has a great new look! We asked the kids from Green Flag kindergarten* to decorate our cars according to what they think more environmentally friendly aviation looks like.

Hanni Marin, director of development and communications, explains why de-icing trucks are used also in this way: "In addition to enable the greener ground handling we also want to raise awareness of the greener solutions at the aviation industry. We want to keep the conversations going about how we can each do our part and especially what we can do together to take green steps forward more intensively."

We decided to use the sides of the trucks as advertising space, but with a little twist - as a conversation starters. When we talk about sustainable solutions, we talk about future generations. We wanted to include these future generations in the conversation. We found the Green Flag kindergarten, shared a moment with the kids to talk about the nature, the climate, small and big environmental acts and gave them the opportunity to draw on our de-icing cars.

"So here we combine two things: new generation technology and future generations = A new Greener Generation! In the coming winter season, you can see very different-looking vehicles in Helsinki Airport. I'm sure that they serve as a discussion starters and that's exactly what we want", sums up Hanni.

*Green Flag kindergarten = A municipal kindergarten that receives an ecological certificate when operating through certain environmental and ecological principles. The environment theme is in the center of the education.


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