Airpro-Norwegian partnership continues at Helsinki Airport


Norwegian Airshuttle has awarded a multi-year agreement for the provision of ground handling services at Helsinki Airport to Airpro Oy. The parties entered into a partnership more than a decade ago in Oulu and the co-operation went live in Helsinki in 2015. The mutual journey having endured the rough patches of the past years, this newly signed agreement is considered as a significant token of trust which reflects the strong partnership between the parties.

“I want to thank Norwegian for trusting us. It is great that we are able to continue our co-operation. Our journey at Helsinki Airport has lasted for 7 years now and during those years we have both grown and learned from each other. We have navigated through the stormy times which has strengthened our partnership. Our goal is to provide excellent service in the years to come and work together to innovate even better and more customer-oriented air travel solutions”, says Joona Hurmerinta, Acting Managing Director of Airpro.

The partnership with Norwegian has played a central role in the development of Airpro Oy’s ground handling operations at Helsinki Airport.

"The new contract after more than 10 years partnership comes at a strategically important moment as the entire aviation industry is still recovering from the pandemic," continues Mikko Turpeinen, the Head of Commercial team. " We truly value the path we have taken with Norwegian so far and we look forward to making more unforgettable memories captured along our mutual journey!"

Airpro and Norwegian share a history of more than a decade. Since the start of the cooperation Airpro has gathered experience of serving nearly 17 million passengers and handling of approximately 58.000 turnarounds. Roughly 70% out of these impressive figures come from Helsinki Airport.



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