Airpro's first Sustainability Report is published!


Airpro's sustainability report is now available on Airpro's website under the heading Sustainability. The purpose of the report is to present our key ESG functions in line with our strategy and values. We believe that the report will provide interesting information for our employees, airlines, other customers and partners.   

Airpro has focused on releasing news on our sustainability action, particulalry on environmental matters. Our biggest source of emissions is our fleet and we have started the green transition in ground handling service equipment years ahead of others in our industry (read about Airpro using the world’s first electric pushback tractors at Helsinki Airport in 2016).   


Sustainability reporting now and beyond 2025  

 We want to continue to invest in sustainability in our business, and that's why we are excited to publish Airpro's first Sustainability Report for 2022. The report is divided to traditional ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) model and will be a key tool for sustainability management also for the 2023 report.   

The report serves as a crucial tool for communicating with our employees and the job market. It is also targeted at our customers, airlines and other service purchasers. We believe that our customers will value our transparency and commitment to responsible practices. The report also helps us evaluate the sustainability of our own service package. 

The EU’s Directive on corporate sustainability reporting (CSRD) will be launched on 2025 and Airpro will adapt the reporting model to comply with the requirements of the Directive. Airpro has established an ESG-group to promote the implementation of the new reporting method. 

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