On a Highway to Aviation Trough Lapland: Nationally Substantial Recruitment Campaign for Winter Season


We are thrilled to share with you we have launched our Winter Season recruitment campaign in Lapland! As our customer base keeps growing, we are recruiting a record number of new employees this year, and providing in-house training to ensure the competence of our new employees.

In the spirit of growth and expansion, are looking forward to doubling the amount of talented individuals to join our Winter Season shenanigans. This year we are proud to announce that we are on track to hire employees to work at Lapland for winter. This year we are recruiting airport customer service professionals, airport maintenance, people to work with airlines and tourists as well as in our airport security team. At the end of the season employees have the chance to continue working for example in our base in Helsinki-Vantaa.

Seasonal work can be a new beginning and an exciting winter adventure for many. As we train our professionals ourselves, previous experience is not required. We believe in equipping our employees with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to excel in their roles. By training our personnel ourselves, we can guarantee that they embody our company's values, maintain our service standards, and deliver exceptional experiences to our customers. Our team is well known for its cheerful team spirit, and new employees get a supportive team in Lapland airports where no-one is left behind.

We are looking forward to our Winter Season and are welcoming our new colleagues on board!

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